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Women's World Cup Quarter-Finals

Late soccer bulletin from China, by way of my media room: To everybody's surprise, the powerhouse German team failed to score against the English. Result: another in a growing list of draws among these hard-fighting teams.

Japan thumped Argentina 1-0. So the Argentine team were the first to fly home.

This week, things are shaping towards quarter-finals. Under the FIFA system works, you don't just advance by winning matches -- the number of goals scored also comes into play, even disciplinary points, if there are draws in the mix. Right now -- according to analysis on the FIFA website -- the Germans are favored to move ahead in Group A, and Brazil in Group D. In Group C, Australia and Norway look good.

In Group B, the U.S. plays Nigeria in Shanghai on 9/18. Our women only need a draw to make quarter finals, whereas Nigeria needs three clear goals to move forward.

And yes, for anybody wanting to see Women's World Cup matches besides the ones the U.S. plays in (which air on ESPN), Galavision is your channel. In southern California they air the women's Mundial early in the evening.