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NFL: Good retro, bad retro

The NFL is having many teams wear a "throwback" jersey, a historic uniform from the team's past. Some are done well and some want to make you gag.

Good retro:


The Washington Redskins looked good Sunday in uniforms they wore into the 1970s. I was watching the Sunday night Bears-Cowboys game at former player Dave Kopay's house and on his mantle is the same helmet with the distinctive "R," a memento from his days with the 'Skins.

Bad retro:


These Eagles jerseys, worn Sunday, were allegedly inspired by the Swedish flag and debuted in 1993. What Sweden has to do with the NFL is beyond me, but apparently a lot of Swedes helped settle the area. They certainly know nothing about uniform design, but I do like Ikea. The Detroit Free-Press headline Sunday asked: "Why are the Lions playing Team Sweden?" The Swedes kicked the Lions up and down the field, 56-21. -- Jim Buzinski

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