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Pats invite girl the Colts booed

Last Sunday, as their team was getting its ass kicked, Indianapolis Colts fans booed 14-year-old Anna Grant (video below), who was introduced at halftime as one of the Punt Pass and Kick national champions, egged on by the Colts mascot. They booed her because she is from New Hampshire and was wearing the jersey of her favorite team, the New England Patriots, as many of the competition champions do.

"Why should a champion be booed?" Patriots owner Bob Kraft said to the Associated Press. "She won an intensive competition. She's supposed to be honored."

Trying to fix the classless move by the Colts mascot and the Colts fans, Kraft has invited Grant and her family to the Patriots game this Sunday against the Chargers. She'll also be on the field during the coin flip to start the game. It's a great move by Kraft as it makes him look like a saint, and rescuing this girl from classless Colts fans and putting her in front of the New England fans on Sunday will really pump up the crowd. -Cyd Zeigler jr.