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Whoops, forget it: Christine is Mike again

We've seen some strange story twists here at Outsports over the years. The whole Mike Danton saga comes to mind. But this one might take the cake. We reported 18 months ago that LA Times sportswriter Mike Penner had become Christine Daniels. Daniels wrote an LA Times column about it, was given a personal blog at the paper's Web site, was part of the Out 100 last year and received tons of praise. Now word comes that Penner is putting Daniels (or at least her dresses) back in the closet and is now Mike Penner again.

I'm going to save my commentary until after we unearth more information, and we hope to have a full report later this week. Until then, we'd love to hear your thoughts about how this news makes you feel and what, if any, effect you think such a public re-transformation could have on gay and transgender rights.