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Out actor's NBA trash talk

In 2003, Out magazine named Eric Millegan "Hottest Up-and-Coming Openly Gay Actor of 2003." He's best known for playing Zack Addy, a regular character during the first three seasons on the Fox TV series Bones. Millegan is now indulging his passion for the NBA -- and his beloved Portland Trail Blazers -- with "Eric Millegan's NBA Trash Talk," a video series (sorry, but I refuse to call it a "vlog") available on YouTube. The first episode is embedded after the jump, along with Millegan's performance of the national anthem before a Blazers game last year.

Even though I don't have nearly the amount of interest in the NBA that Eric does, his reports are fun to watch, starting with his rendition of the NBA on NBC theme. (Yes, he has a musical theater background. And did you know that the NBA on NBC theme was composed by John Tesh?) There seems to be a technical glitch where each video cuts off before he actually finishes talking, but don't let that stop you. He is really into his team. In fact, when production on last season's episodes of Bones was shut down by the writers' strike, he followed the Blazers on some of their road trips.

I'll even forgive him for helping the New York Mets once, as described in the bio on his website: he once sang "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch, after which the Mets scored 6 runs.

Here's the first episode:


...and Eric's anthem performance:


And here are links to Episode 2 and Episode 3.