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Player off UT team after racist Obama post

University of Texas backup center Buck Burnette was kicked off the team by Coach Mack Brown after he posted this message on his Facebook page:

"all the hunters gather up, we have a #$%&er in the whitehouse"

Before he took his Facebook page down, Burnette offered an apology of sorts:

Clearly I have made a mistake and apologized for it and will pay for it. I received it as a text message from an acquaintance and immaturely put it up on facebook in the light of the election. Im not racist and apologize for offending you. I grew up on a ranch in a small town where that was a real thing and I need to grow up. I sincerely am sorry for being ignorant in thinking that it would be ok to write that publicly and apologize to you in particular. I have to be more mature than to put the reputation of my team at stake and to spread that kind of hate which I dont even believe in. Once again, I sincerely apologize.

Longhorn fans went back and forth over whether it was right to kick Burnette off the team. From the pro-kick him off side:

I am glad he was kicked off. He supposedly is a "Christian" and spoke to youth groups at his home town as a role model. What a terrible example of christianity he is. I am embarrassed to say he is from Wimberley [Texas]. Those comments don't just accidentally get posted. Buck's true colors are showing.

From the anti side:

What he said was stupid and inexcusable. That being said he is still just a 20 year old kid. He deserves a second chance as much as anyone. Who among us didn't say or do something you later regretted when you were 20?

Burnette has every right to his views, but no right to be on the football team. Brown was well within his purview to take whatever action he deemed appropriate.

Hat tip to Deadspin.