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'Gods of Football' gallery

Players from Australia's Rugby League and Aussie Rules Football, such as Kayne Lawton (photo), have teamed up to pose nude for the 2009 "Gods of Football" calendars. The proceeds from the calendars and DVD benefits the McGrath Foundation, which provides funding for breast cancer nurses, a terrific cause for hot jocks to strip down.

One of the best parts of the calendar website is the Q&A with the players. Many of the players affect a certain modesty, but Lawton, 19, admits sex is better than football, that he has a nice "bum," thinks he's sexy, he does moisturize and has a lucky pair of "special leopard skin undies."

The creators of the calendars have allowed Outsports to show the following images by Sydney-based photographer Pedro Virgil. Call it an early Christmas present.

First, some background on the "Gods" concept from Dan Whitehead, head of marketing:

The guys actually went all the way and posed nude. They didn't just strip to their Calvins. All the guys are naked in the calendar (apart from one underwear shot) and their modesty is just preserved by a prop or their stance.

We conducted full fashion shoots with the players ranging from suits, to casual wear, to underwear/swimwear, and then nude. The nude shots are the ones that appear in the calendar.

The reason we didn't make it all nude is that we wanted to appeal to women as well as gay guys, and sometime full-on nude is too much for them - they prefer a little left to the imagination.

Kayne Lawton

Michael Witt

Shannon Hegarty

Brett Kelly

Luke Grant

Luke Grant and Nathanael Barnes

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