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"Meat between his buns"

Lockview High School in Nova Scotia, Canada, has fired its volunteer boys hockey coach after the school discovered that someone altered the players' bios in the team program.

The glossy, magazine-style program contains a picture and short biography of each player, including his future plans. The majority of the write-ups are sexually suggestive.

One player’s bio says he enjoys “some meat between his buns.” Another’s says he likes hunting and fishing and warns women that he shares his bed with a huge weapon.

A third player’s write-up says he “could be coming into your mouth sooner than you think as he seeks a profession in dental hygenics (sic) in the near future.”

Another bio refers to a player’s desire to visit pop singer Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

And another caption says a player wants to become a motivational speaker for the hearing impaired.

Coach Kevin Brown was told he would not be back to coach the Dragons next season. The team has finished its season and no one knows who altered the bios. --Jim Buzinski