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World's fastest man: Tyson Homosexual

I was doing a Google News search of "Olympic + homosexual" to see if there was any news regarding gays and the upcoming Games. It was then I learned that sprinter Tyson Gay had actually changed his name, at least on one website:


OneNewsNow, where these links point to, is an online new site run by the rabidly anti-gay American Family Association based in Tupelo, Miss. It describes its mission as "Your latest news from a Christian perspective."

Apparently, they have set a filter to change many instances of "gay" to "homosexual," which is how Tyson Gay, who set a record in the 100-meter dash this weekend, changed his name. This occurs on searches and on their home page, but the actual AP story linked from the site does use "Tyson Gay." Headline writers everywhere are delighted the name change is only virtual. --Jim Buzinski