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Cuban women on a roll

Women's volleyball eliminations are on, and the Chinese just got a big surprise. After a fumbly start, the Cubans rallied fiercely and stuffed the Chinese 3-2. Inspired play came from Santos, with a string of aces, and Calderone, who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. When you think how big and resource-rich China is, and how small and resource-poor Cuba is (thanks to the U.S. embargo that hasn't accomplished its stated purpose and is now a vindictive and hypocritical empty gesture, especially since we've traded with every other communist nation on Earth), the achievements of the Cuban team are impressive. Feisty Cuba is 23rd on the comprehensive medals list (all won in summer games), and is adding to her pile in Beijing. !Olé Cuba! Next the Cubanas play Japan.