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Wrong Way Rowdy blows another swim call

A few days back I ripped NBC's swim announcers Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines for their inability to shut up and for Gaines' propensity to declare the winner before the race was over. He did it again Wednesday night (Thursday morning in China) on the call of the women's 200-meter butterfly final.

Down the stretch, the race was between Jiao Liuyang and Liu Zige of China and Jessicah Schipper of Australia. In the final 50 meters, Gaines breathlessly blurted out that it looked like Jiao was going to win. This despite the face that she was third at the time. Of course, Wrong Way Rowdy was off again as Liu took the gold, with Jiao getting the silver and Schipper the bronze. NBC needs to mute Gaines' mike in the last part of a race.