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More out women on the podium

Natasha Kai of the U.S. was not the only out woman to stand on a soccer victory podium. German lesbian midfielder Linda Bresonik stood with her victorious teammates after Germany beat Japan 2-0 for the bronze. At home, she plays with the SG Essen-Schoenbeck as well as the national team.

In the softball finals, the U.S. team went down to Japan 3-1 in a huge upset. But hey, we did get a silver, not a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Which meant that hitter/second baseman Vicky Galindo (who is bi) and out lesbian catcher Lauren Lappin were showing off their medals with their teammates.

On August 23, one last lesbian shot at a podium is ahead, as Norway plays Russia for the women's handball gold. Norway's team captain Gro Hammerseng and her partner Katya Nyberg are both out on the team.

All in all, I'd say that our female team showing in Beijing was outasight.