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Zach Pucthel now out-ish pro baller in Israel

About 16 months ago we brought the story of Zach Puchtel, a former Univ. of Minnesota basketball player who came out of the closet during a fashion show in the spring of 2007. Since then, he's been hard to pin down on various levels: His sexuality is fluid and he says he's not gay; He has moved around a few times; And his career focus has seemed to shift from NFL player to writer and now to basketball player again. Puchtel is now in Israel playing professional basketball, where his name is listed as Zach Fuchtal.

Zach is a fantastically interesting guy. I've gotten to chat with him on the phone and correspond via email a bit. He makes no apology about being hard to categorize: He relishes in it. Take this blog post, for example:

For years, I wanted to be a rockstar, but not sincerely. It was more of a "geez, that'd be awesome to do lots of drugs, have sex with tons of women/men, travel the world, drive cars into pools, and never answer to anyone" type of dream. For a lot of people, this is "living the dream".

How many pro basketball players would say that? "Have sex with tons of women/men?" Very few.

His latest few blog posts talk about a coming change in his life. I'll be interested to see what the next change holds for him.

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