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Jets owner's daughter in lesbian fight

Despite living in New York for the last five years, I'll admit I was clueless that New York Jets owner Woody Johnson had a lesbian daughter (who, it is reported, refuses to speak to him). Cool, right? Well, just like the gays would rather not "claim" some people as our "own" because of their bad character, it seems Casey Johnson (left) might be that bitch person for lesbians. It seems Casey got into a fight with an ex-girlfriend, who lit the Jet heiress' hair on fire in Los Angeles after she allegedly beat Casey up.

The GF, Courtenay Semel (right), told Page Six that it's all a big misunderstanding. I'd say it'd have to be a pretty big misunderstanding for me to set someone's hair on fire, so I'll be curious to see how this story gets set straight. Apparently, the two are back together (that was quick) and headed up to Sundance for some partying. Like I said, the lesbians don't even want her. Like, totally.