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Obama roots for Steelers, inspires Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are playing the "no respect" card in the Super Bowl to the hilt, pointing out that President Barack Obama is rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dan Rooney, Steelers owner and lifelong Republican, was a key supporter of Obama in the election in the key swing state of Pennsylvania. In addition, Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill was a big John McCain supporter.

"We know that everything is on the line and that [President] Obama actually wants Pittsburgh to win," Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett said during Media Day. "That's kind of crazy when the President wants another team to win, but again we've been against all odds this season and I'm pretty sure that [Coach Whisenhunt] will come up with a great game plan and we'll be ready on Sunday."

It would be amusing if the Cardinals win and present Obama with a team jersey in the customary visit to the White House.