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Brenda Warner's baaaaaack

During the St. Louis Rams' two runs to the Super Bowl, one wife somehow grabbed the attention of the TV cameras more than any in a long time. Kurt Warner's wife Brenda seemed to the Georgia Frontiere of the Warner family, even though Warner was taking home MVP trophies. The cameras at the Super Bowl lover her; And when radio stations criticized her husband, Brenda would call and defend her man. So cute.

There were also whispers about how much Brenda, a devout Christian, looked like a stereotypical lesbian. Remember that blue feathery thing? Well that was then, this is now. Brenda, preparing for her her husband's third Super Bowl, has grown her hair and now looks great: More like a cheerleader than the Brenda we all came to know and love hate marvel at. How much will the cameras show her in the stands in Tampa on Sunday? I put the over/under at three times.