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Rate the NFL throwback uniforms

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the American Football League, and to sell more jerseys, the NFL is having former AFL franchises wear their original uniforms. This has been done in the past several years with various teams, but the AFL focus has prompted a fierce debate on the fashion aesthetics of the old unis. For example, I love the classic New England Patriots jersey (with the adorable little patriot hiking the ball on the helmet), while Cyd hates them. Then again, he cried at "Titanic" while I was rooting for the iceberg.

Here are some of the AFL throwbacks worn this season, along with a few of original NFL teams, along with my votes. Agree or not?

Row 1, left to right: Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers.
Row 2, left to right: Kansas City Chiefs (originally the Dallas Texans), Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets (originally the Titans).
Row 3, left to right: Tennessee Titans (originally the Houston Oilers), New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers.
(Click image for larger view).


My votes:
Thumbs up: Bills, Chargers, Oilers, Patriots
Thumbs down: Broncos, Cowboys, Jets, Steelers
Neutral: Chiefs