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Miles Austin's great ass-ets

My partner walked in on me watching the Falcons-Cowboys game Sunday afternoon, and I was surprised to see him stop in his tracks and watch for a few seconds. Then came what's on the minds of lots of gay guys after yesterday's game: "Who's No. 19?" That would be Cowboys receiver Miles Austin, who's on a two-game tear that puts to shame the rest of his career. In the last two weeks, he's caught for 421 yards and 4 touchdowns. And it's easy to see what caught my partner's attention...

At Gym Sportsbar last night, it seemed everyone noticed not just Austin's great performance, but some other aspects of the man himself. Like those steely eyes that seem to shoot laser beams out from under his helmet. And that butt that could crack walnuts. And then there's the bulge on the other side of his pants that's left me wondering if he wears a big ol' cup.