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Anti-gay ads on Outsports; Help support Maine!

Some of you may have noticed anti-gay ads showing up on our blog in the last couple weeks. It seems the anti-gay-marriage folks in Maine bought network-wide ads with one of our affiliates. I've mostly heard from people in Maine that they've been seeing the ad. We don't have a lot of control over it, but even if we did I'd welcome their ads! For anti-gay forces to advertise on Outsports is a total waste of money, and if we can contribute to their wasting of money, I'm all for it!

The election is tomorrow and there's still time to donate to the campaign! The Yes On 1 folks are pushing hard today to raise more money and to spend it today and tomorrow to swing this election. They are pushing deceptive TV and internet ads over the next 36 hours. If you can even give $10, it can help win! Please donate here today. And thank you!