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Ballet's trouble attracting American boys

First the Canadians had trouble recruiting boys for figure skating. Now Americans are having trouble recruiting boys for ballet. Or so says a recent article in the San Diego Union-Tribune. Wonder why? You guessed it: The gays. Because ballet is considered feminine, the boys who gravitate toward it are assumed gay by many people. It's not as big an issue in Europe, according to the article. And the writer makes a good case to consider male ballet dancers elite physical specimens and athletes:

What makes a great danseur? Anyone who's seen a man explode in turning leaps across a stage appreciates the power of men's legs in solo dancing. What's less obvious, because the man intentionally places himself in the background, is the upper-body strength required for partnering, when he displays the ballerina in graceful poses - by hoisting her 100-pound body in straight-armed lifts.

Sign me up to watch that!