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Tiger Woods needs to talk

To paraphrase an old quote, sometimes it's not the action itself but the cover-up that gets you in trouble. There are two versions of events surrounding the Tiger Woods SUV accident early Friday morning. At least, there will be two versions once Tiger and his wife Elin get their stories straight and decide to make it public.

Right now, the only comment from Tiger is his statement on his website that there was an accident, he was responsible, his wife "acted courageously" when she saw he was injured, we deserve our privacy, yada yada yada. Florida Highway Patrol officers have been rebuffed in their efforts to interview the couple and have now given up, merely issuing a ticket for careless driving.

On the other hand, TMZ reported that Tiger told a friend that he and Elin were fighting over reports that he had an affair, she scratched his face up, he ran for the SUV, she chased him with a golf club (something about this image makes me laugh), he started to drive, she smashed the SUV with the club, he crashed. The "other woman" over whom the reports surfaced has denied she was involved with Tiger, but now another woman claims that she had an affair with him, and there are photos, text messages, etc. to prove it.

It seems possible that the Woods stonewalling is designed to avoid possible charges -- domestic abuse against her (a look at the injuries to Tiger's face would help authorities determine if they weren't caused by the accident), DUI against him (TMZ reports he told a friend he was taking prescription medication for pain; reports were that he was in and out of consciousness at the scene, but the SUV's airbags didn't deploy and no blood was found on the steering wheel, so it may not be plausible that the impact knocked him out).

As long as Tiger doesn't speak out about it, the speculation will continue. I can understand if he doesn't want to talk in detail about his private life, but some reasonable explanation for the accident is needed. Anytime there's an accident and 911 is called, that costs taxpayers money, even in wealthy communities. The police who have to investigate shouldn't merely be ignored. I've lost some respect for Tiger Woods -- not that he cares -- and I don't think I'm the only one. He ought to determine the appropriate venue (this looks like a job for Oprah) and tell the truth, even if the story tarnishes his reputation in the short run. Coming clean about a scandal recently didn't hurt David Letterman, did it?