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Friendship Cup goes off, straights win

We've been big fans of the gay hockey all-star team GForce, and the Friendship Cup they host every year in Aspen, since we heard of them a few years ago. So we were thrilled to hear that, despite concerns late last year, their event found funding and the game was played at Aspen Gay Ski Week in January. The Friendship Cup is an annual game between GForce and a Aspen All-Star team. Despite some strong success in recent years, the gays lost to the straights this year, 5-4. Team captain Glenn Witman said:

The weekend was a grand success. Although we lost the game on Saturday 5-4, it was the most talented Aspen team in years and we showed again that GForce can play with anyone. The fans (350-400) were awesome doing great cheers and giving us energy.