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Former out college football captain talks

It's amazing to us how athletes stumble across Outsports and decide to tell their story for the first time. The latest is Brian Sims, a former college football captain at Bloomsburg University who was openly gay during his senior season run to the National Championship game in 2000. He found Outsports in part through longtime supporter, longtime activist and creator of the Philadelphia Phillies Gay Community Day, Larry Felzer.

Anyhow, we talk all the time about how athletes are out to their friends and family, some of them are out to their teams, but the press has no idea; And if they do, they don't write about it. This is a great example of that. Here's the captain of the national runners-up, he's openly gay, his friends and team know, and not a peep is talked about it in the press for nine years.

It's wild to me that this story has such a positive spin to it, given where it happened and when it happened. But we can add this to the long list of positive stories of athletes coming out of the closet on their team. Since the story of Greg Congdon, we simply haven't heard a negative story of a male athlete coming out (though we've heard a couple negative stories of lesbians coming out to their teams). And this story is, again, from 2000.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed getting to know Brian.