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Eminem does Tony Romo

Eminem is one of my favorite performers of all time, and his "The Marshall Mathers LP" is one of the best ever recorded. His latest album (Relapse) is following the same formula Interscope Records and Dr. Dre have for every Eminem album: Put out a pop-culture-layden single and let the media sell albums for you. This album's pop single is "We Made You," which takes on Kim Kardashian (says she's a man, which might make Reggie Bush anxious), Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson, and Ellen Degeneres (asking Portia what Ellen has that he doesn't have), among many others.

Sorry Em, but this song's a snoozer. The video's funky and has a ton of stuff in it, but if you're expecting this to launch you back to the top, good luck with that. You can't dance to it. You wouldn't lift weights to it. The beats change at odd times. My guess is the song and the video won't do much; And given the now-fleeting nature of news (this isn't 2001, Em), even with all the mocking of pop-culture and political figures, you'll hear about it a couple times this week and then it'll sink to the internal pages of blogs.