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Will Phelps' kiddie book sell?

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Michael Phelps has a new children's book out titled, How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals. It chronicles all the work Phelps put in to train for the Beijing Olympics (e.g., he napped for the equivalent of 273 days over six years, and that's not including his nighttime sleeping). Of course, my curiosity with the book is how his pot-smoking incident will affect sales. The book's target market is kids ages 4-8. Right now, it's ranked #5,266 at and has only one rating: 1 star. Though, I'm doubting that reviewer actually read the book as he left the following comment on Amazon:

What's his next book gonna be? How to create your own bong? Dude lost all credibility as a role model once that infamous photo came out. He will always be a phenomenal athlete but guiding the minds of children is something he is just not fit for.