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Video: College player dunks on LeBron James

Finally, the tape that Nike and LeBron James did not want you to see: Xavier's Jordan Crawford dunks on James at the recent LeBron James Skills Academy. Soon after the dunk, it came out that Nike confiscated video of the event from a cameraman, claiming such video was unauthorized. This cameraman said a Nike rep came over and took his tape after James summoned the rep.

It all had the smell of a coverup and made James seem like an arrogant, humorless wuss, afraid that a fun little moment would somehow sully his reputation as a player. Fortunately, a tape shot by someone else has finally come to light, showing Crawford's dunk.

After watching the dunk, I think Nike and James come off worse for trying to squelch the video than for anything embarrassing in the video. This, combined with James' unsportsmanlike refusal to shake Dwight Howard's hand after the Cleveland Cavaliers were bounced in the NBA Playoffs, has made me like him less and less. One dare not show King James being dunked on, and the King shakes no mere mortal's hand. He's becoming insufferable.