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Bruno scores big, avoids wrestling beatdown

"Hi, I'm Bruno." This Friday, the gayest movie of the year is released; I saw it tonight and just loved it. It's a relatively short movie, but in those 85 minutes I laughed as hard as I'd ever laughed. Many of it was uncomfortable laughter, but when he talks about the lips of his Christian "gay converter"... well, the entire audience I watched it with roared throughout the film and hopefully you'll laugh too.

The climactic scene in the "love story" of the film comes in a wrestling or MMA ring (it's not quite clear) in Arkansas. It's "straight night" at the event, and Bruno makes a disguised appearance. Ever wonder how wrestling fans might react if an unexpected gay kiss showed up in the ring? You'll find out....

There has been a lot of talk about whether this movie is "good" for gay people. To be sure, it plays on just about every gay stereotype there is. The story and the character and the jokes are so over-the-top, to me it's just a fun, funny ride. Will it "push kids back in the closet"? Maybe if it was the only portrayal of gay people in the media, but those portrayals are so diverse now that getting offended at the movie was the furthest thing from my mind.