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Tom Brady back on magazine covers

Just in time for the start of the NFL season, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is showing up on magazine covers again, starting with Details. The pretty boy doesn't uncover anything new in the photo spread: And no, he's not holding a goat this time. Though I do like this tidbit that USA Today also pulled out of the interview:

Sometimes, during practice, you throw a bad ball -- that's the way it goes. But the video comes up and he says, 'Brady, you can't complete a (expletive) hitch.' And I'll be sitting there thinking, I'm a (expletive) nine-year veteran, I've won three (expletive) Super Bowls -- he can kiss my... That's what you're thinking on the inside. But on the outside I'm thinking, You know what? I'm glad he's saying that. I'm glad that's what he's expecting, you know? Because that's what I should be expecting. That's what his style is.

And that's one of the attributes that seperates the good players from the great players. Having a canon for an arm doesn't hurt, either.