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Johnny Weir: The Outsports interview, part 1

photo by Leah Adams

Johnny Weir on ice. Photo by Leah Adams

I was honored to talk earlier this week with Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir. I was a fan of him before, and that interest grew exponentially after talking with him for a half hour. Some divas are phonies, projecting an image that is not themselves; Johnny is always Johnny, and I love that.

We're running the interview in two parts. In the first part, published today, he shares insights into his relationship with Evan Lysacek, the return of Plushenko and Lambiel, a preview of his shot at the Olympics, and his reaction to efforts to "butch up" figure skating. In the second half of the interview, available next Tuesday, he talks about sexuality, his documentary film, crazy fans and glitter.

If you want to catch Johnny yourself, you can see him later this month at Stars, Stripes and Skates in Danbury, Conn., Sept. 26.