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Mark Sanchez is "sex on a stick"

I am a religious listener to the Fantasy Focus Football podcast on ESPN starring Nate Ravitz and the "Talented Mr. Roto" Matthew Berry. I also read Berry's columns religiously: Though I think 90% of what he says is mundane and 30% is just bullshit, he does have a lot of little nuggets of information that help, so it's worth it. This week in his "Love/Hate" column he talks about New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez:

True story. I recently heard an anchor here, off the air, describe Mark as "sex on a stick." And before you steal the idea, I'm using that for my epitaph. I'm not telling you who said it or even his or her gender. But I will tell you that no team in the NFL has given up more passing yards than the Tennessee Titans. And I think this home game is Mark's coming out party. He's fantasy goodness on a stick, I'll tell you that.

Berry won't tell us the gender of the person who said it? That's gotta mean it was a guy. For those fantasies I'll still take Matt Ryan, but I certainly wouldn't give Sanchez the Heisman.