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PR for football show targets gay audience

The critics are not kind to Spike's new comedy, "Blue Mountain State," which debuts Tuesday. It's about the sexual hijinks of a fictional college football team (one promo video clip is called "Jerkoff.") Apparently, the show will feature a lot of skin, both male and female. Writes the New York Times:

The opening episode centers on rookie hazing and proves conclusively that yes, it is apparently all right to show men in skimpy jock straps on basic cable, from all angles.

What interested me was the pitch from the show's PR firm, which sent me a packet that highlighted a supporting character, team captain Thad Castle (played by Alan Ritchson, "Aquaman" from "Smallville.") Ritchson is not the show's star, but apparently the PR firm thought he is the character our audience would find the hottest. He's not my cup of tea, but the PR guy did his job by getting me to write about it and post some pics. I am still waiting for the press packet for the next "Ultimate Fighter" reality show, the most homoerotic thing on TV.

Alan Ritchson as Thad Castle: