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Michigan athletes support gay student president

University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong has come under attack recently from Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell simply for being gay (Shirvell's hateful blog is now readable by invitation only). But athletes from football, baseball, hockey, gymnastics, rowing, softball and many other sports aren't standing for it. Instead, they have posed for a photograph (full photo after the jump) with pro-Armstrong T-shirts that read:

Elected by us. Respected by us. I expect respect for myself and my community. When one member of our community is targeted, we are all attacked.

The effort is a collaboration between many people, including the University of Michigan and PR guru Howard Bragman.

Bottom Row (left to right):
Frank Shotwell (Track & Field), Stephanie Speierman (Softball), ?, Danielle Tauro (W Track & Field), Shannon Winchell (Rowing), Mike Sears (Wrestling), Nikki Hubbard (W Swimming & Diving), Erik Braun (M Track & Field).

2nd Row (left to right):
Lexi Erwin (Volleyball), Alex Hunt (Volleyball), Erin Pendelton (W Track & Field), Emily Pendleton (W Track & Field), Aj Treais (Ice Hockey), Luke Moffatt (Ice Hockey).

3rd Row (left to right):
Natalie Beilstein (W Gymnastics), Jennifer Entin (Rowing), Taylor Day (Rowing), Dorian Shaw (Softball), Carl Buchannon (M Track & Field), Alex Wood (M Soccer), James Yau (M Track & Field), Kevin Clare (Ice Hockey).

4th Row (left to right):
Brandon Herron (Football), Natasha Moodie (W Swimming & Diving), Ben Ballantine (Baseball), Roy Roundtree (Football).