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Yankee fans continue homophobic chant

Towleroad has a disturbing report about a section of fans at Yankee Stadium who have been chanting for a decade about gays having a disease and being sinners. The group claims they will be meeting with Yankee management this week. The chant is done to the playing of the Village People's YMCA...

Gay man, get up off yor knees
I said gay man, you will catch a disease
I said gay man, don't touch me please
because you have got a disease
Gay man, wipe that sperm off your chin
I said gay man, what you do is a sin
I said gay man, I won't let you in
because you have got a disease
Why are you gay?
I saw you sucking a D-I-C-K

Video, put together by Sean Chapin, is after the jump...