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Curling announcer: 'You just fag out'

NBC curling analyst Don Duguid used the term "fag out" in calling today's U.S. vs. German match. He clearly meant it as in being tired, but it was odd to hear nonetheless.

Duguid, 73, a two-time Canadian world champion, was asked by partner Andrew Catalon about the fitness levels of today's curlers, contrasting it to his era. Duguid:

You know, you have to be fit. These guys are playing in world curling tour events where there's big money involved. They're winning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, so you gotta be fit. And they're doing it every weekend, and if you're not fit, boy, you just fag right out, you've just had it. So they gotta be in shape.

I rewound my DVR a dozen times and he clearly said "fag right out." To "fag out" is a term that means being exhausted, and is anachronistic. In modern usage, it means to wimp out or quit. This is reminiscent when another senior, CBS basketball analyst Billy Packer, used the term during an interview.

I know nothing about Duguid, so am not slamming him. This seems more akin to your grandfather using terms like "gyp" or other words once considered OK, but no so much. You roll your eyes and try to gently tell him that such language is no longer acceptable.