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CBS: No gays. But violence, sex, drugs OK.

I've rarely been as pissed at the Super Bowl ads as I was yesterday. CBS rejected two gay-themed ads (albeit the production value of one was so low that I would have rejected it) because of their "standards," yet the commercials they allowed unleashed a barrage of violence, alcohol and nudity. They rejected a fun, unoffensive ad featuring a fictional gay former pro football player, yet they accepted at least three ads with men in underwear, two ads of women stripping, people going to outlandish lengths to get beer, and countless ads featuring violence. Plus, of course, they allowed four airings of ads from an anti-gay hate group.

If they're so interested in protecting kids and families, why did they show ads with kids slapping and punching adults? Watch a video chronicling all the Super Bowl ad violence after the jump.

Hat tip to Towleroad for the video.