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Medvedev grumpy after Russia disappoints

Whether you think Canada (14 golds) or the USA (37 total) gets the moral victory in the final medal count, there is one thing we can all agree on: Russia did not own the podium. And Russia's president is pretty bitter about it.

A day after the Vancouver Games, and four years before the Winter Olympics are to be hosted by Sochi, Russia, President Medvedev is calling for the resignations of everyone involved with training Russian Olympic athletes.

"Those who are responsible for training for the Olympics must take responsibility," Mr. Medvedev said on Monday. "They must have the courage to submit their resignation," he said. "And if they do not have this resolve, we will help them."

That's the Olympic spirit! Not sure what "we will help them" means, but Russia's disgraced hockey coach had this suggestion (I'm honestly not sure whether sarcasm is implied.... Do Russian's do sarcasm???)

"Let's put up a bunch of guillotines and gallows," Vyacheslav Bykov, the team's coach was quoted as saying last week. "We have 35 people on the hockey team. Let's go to Red Square and dispatch with them all."

I'm looking forward to Sochi 2014. I just hope the host country has enough coaches and athletes left to field a delegation.