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Top Outsports Olympic search terms

It's always fun for us to look at our stats and see what drove people to our site. Sometimes it's very revealing. Over the last two weeks, the top search term that drove people to Outsports: 'Scott Lago.' He's the American snowboarder who was sent home after some racy pics (right) surfaced of him, a girl and his (ahem) medal.

After that, the top search terms are for our boy Johnny Weir. In fact, 'Johnny Weir' beat out 'Johnny Weir gay' but just a couple hundred searches. It's not a big surprise: Few sites have covered Johnny and his sexuality more than we have, and this blog was no exception. The fourth most searched term was 'Evan Lysacek gay.' You can't blame people for searching that term after those outfits he wore. 'Evan Lysacek' was a distant 16th in search term popularity for us.

Rounding out the Top 10 search terms: 'Tanith Belbin,' 'Johnny Weir roommate,' 'Nodar Kumaritashvili,' 'is Johnny Weir gay,' 'nastia liukin,' and 'medal count.' We've had several discussions on the site about the medal count, and seeing that search term appear in our top 10 says people around the world were closely watching it.

Some search terms that made us chuckle (or raise an eyebrow): No. 34 was 'Johnny Weir boyfriend' (sorry, we don't know who it is); No. 44 was someone none of us had heard of until a week ago, 'Gregor Schlierenzauer,' the hot Austrian ski jumper; No. 49 was 'Scott Moir gay,' referring to one half of the gold-medal ice dancing team; And 'Olympic blunders' showed up (kudos to the Canadians for handling it with class in the closing ceremony, as it was clearly on the minds of lots of people).