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Queers for Gears asks a NASCAR question

Via ESPN, a fun little moment at a recent press conference when Carl Edwards is asked a question by Michael Myers, who runs the Queer for Gears website (video below). Myers question (his first ever at a press conference) is innocuous, but Edwards smiles when he hears the name of the website. What attracted ESPN was the affiliation of the questioner.

Myers is a 37-year-old sales manager based out of Las Vegas. Yes, he is gay. Yes, he is a NASCAR fan. And yes, there are more race fans out there just like him. A lot more.

Myers clearly knows his NASCAR and auto racing in general, and his site is a nice mix of features, news and the obligatory hot pictures (see below). It's cool that he was treated like any other media member and the Earth did not rotate off its axis. Sports like NASCAR are wise to appeal to all segments of their fan base.

Question is asked at the 1:37 mark:

Obligatory hot photo from Queers for Gears: