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Johnny Weir responds to Evan Lysacek

I learned a new word today, courtesy of Johnny Weir. When asked Wednesday by Wendy Williams about Evan Lysacek's bitchy comment about his skating, Johnny called Evan a term that is, from what I've now learned, a combination of "slut" and "whore"...

The "Stars on Ice" tour has never asked me to be part of their tour, and I've never had an issue with it because I have the opportunity to skate in Russia and Japan and Korea. As much as I would like to perform in the United States, my country, my home, I've never been asked to do it. And it's not a problem for me. But this year it was made a big issue because of the Olympics and how popular I was during the Olympics. Even if they asked me today I wouldn't do it. And Evan, he's a slore.

More, plus video, after the jump.

Wendy then thanked Johnny for making figure skating during the Olympics "really interesting and fabulous."

What's interesting to me about this cat fight is the place the two men are coming from. Because Evan is "playing the game," trying to be Mister All-American, he can only hit so far below the belt. Johnny, on the other hand, can call Evan any name in the book. I'm not sure Evan can compete with Johnny on this level, especially since he just straight-up lied about Johnny's skating ability. But be sure that we'll be reporting on every step of this feud (you can thank me later, George).