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Advocate readers call gay athletes 'Nazis,' 'filth'

After reading the Indiana University article on the Advocate Web site, I figured I'd read some of the comments from the Advocate readers. To say I was appalled, disgusted and angry would not be overstating it. While many commentors were positive, many on the article about the open-mindedness of a big-time college athletic department said gay athletes and sports fans are, and I quote, "Nazis," "self-hating," "losers," "rednecks" and "filth" who need lobotomies.

Ullie from New York wrote:

...the "culture" of sports is homophobia in its essence. Just becoming gay nazis doesn't destroy its harm. I recognize that there are sad gay men who need to prove their masculinity by running after a ball. There are people who prefer beer to fine wine. It reminds me of when I was sitting in a cafe in my native Koln, Germany. A march went by for some inane sports team. Red faced, pig like stupid looking people shouting about their team winning. Which amounts to nothing. The beautiful people in the cafe shuddered and turn their backs on them. I pity heterosexual women stuck with husbands who sit in front of the telly shouting about football while slurpping beer and needing a bath. Thank goodness it isn't common in the gay world, except with these losers and closet cases from Indiana.

Ben in Los Angeles wrote:

I pity anyone who thinks sport games are important. Only the filth from every culture bothers with it. And it is for those following sterotypical het male behavior: i e STUPID.

Gotta love the typos and bad punctuation from someone calling other people "stupid."

Roland in Los Angeles thinks gay sports fans need a lobotomy:

how pathetic that self hating closet cases like "Greg in Providence" write as if they have ever done anything for our rights. I have never been to Indiana and have no desire to see it. And like the vast majority of gay guys I have no desire to prove I have a cock by running after a ball and secretly lurking in locker rooms to find other "real men" (um, right) who are also closet queens. If you think gay liberation means showing the world we are just as retarded as the worst straights, you have already shown that. If it depresses you when your "hoosiers' or whatever can't score a touchdown, you need a lobotomy. I fully understand why straight guys don't want you on their teams: football is a heterosexual all male affliction- let them have it to themselves. Just like frat boys. We don't need it.

Huh, some people say gays need a lobotomy; Interesting he'd use that word.

Sara from San Francisco responds to one of the sports fans on the story showing she thinks gay sports fans and athletes are self-hating:

Tom, you need to get over your gay self hatred. Your application for the Gay Nazis is ready. What liberation! So you know how to chase a ball, now what about a brain? Or a real dick instead of 'scoring" with some silly football team? Wow! a touchdown!

Of course, I forgot...anyone who doesn't walk in lockstep with the gay mafia is self-hating; I hadn't heard that one in a while.

What these close-minded fools don't see is that they and their close-minded elitism are a far bigger hurdle to our equality than homophobia in sports ever could be. That's OK: We'll win our equality despite their ignorance.