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Gay football player on "Degrassi"

We mentioned yesterday that the show "Glee" will have a character who is a gay quarterback. We now hear from a reader that the show "Degrassi" already has introduced a character, Riley, who is a gay football player. "Degrassi" is a Canadian show that can be seen on Teen Nick in the U.S.

Never having seen "Glee" or "Degrassi," I can't tell you much about the plot lines in either, but there was a helpful recap of the "Degrassi" episode (along with a link to watch the show) where the gay player comes out and then kisses another character:

At his meeting with the Eastern scout, Riley tells him that he’s gay and the scout assures Riley that Eastern is very progressive and would love to have an openly out football player. Riley is relieved and tells Zane about the good news. Zane tells Riley that he’s like gay-rights activist Harvey Milk. Unfortunately, Zane also mentions that Milk was assassinated.

Riley is starting to have doubts about being an out football player. He’s worried about the violence and hate that could be directed towards him in the future by homophobes. Riley talks to Coach Armstrong, who tells Riley that he must decide whether the struggle is worth doing something he loves. Deep, Coach, I liked it. Riley accepts the scholarship and then *gasp* kisses Zane in the hall! Whoooot!

Hat tip to reader Andrew.