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Montreal Impact knew David Testo was gay when they signed him in 2007

The Montreal Impact, the former team of openly gay professional soccer player David Testo, knew they were acquiring a gay player when they signed him in 2007. Impact president Joey Saputo said in a statement today, according to the Associated Press:

David Testo's declaration is in fact very personal. We knew David's orientation prior to him joining our club from Vancouver in 2007. ... During his career in Montreal he has always been a professional and dedicated player to this club on and off the field. His decision to go public must have been a difficult one and we respect it.

It's yet still another example of what we've been saying for years: It's no longer tough to be gay in professional sports. Add Testo to Andrew Goldstein, the openly gay athlete who was drafted by two different Major League Lacrosse teams, and Gareth Thomas, who was acquired by a new team after he came out.

Testo won the team's MVP award in 2009.