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Gareth Thomas has new business partner, with whom he founded legal recruiting firm

Note: The story from originally said Smith and Thomas were romantic partners, but Thomas said that was a confusion of the word "partner." They are partners in business only.

Sean Smith is Thomas' business partner, as the two have co-founded Sean Smith & Associates, a legal recruitment firm. From the company's site:

Co-founded by leading legal recruiter Sean Smith and Gareth Thomas, former Wales & British Lions Rugby Captain, our clients are a broad mix of both publicly and privately funded law firms of all sizes.

Smith says just because Thomas co-founded the company doesn't mean he gets a posh office with a cushy job:

Gareth wants a serious business career. He's in the office three-and-a-half days a week, and he's starting off doing the photocopying and everything else. But he's the most determined man I've ever met and I have no doubt he'll make a success of it.

Can you imagine this hulking man dropping off your photocopies at your desk? I also chuckled at the idea that "He's very serious...he works three-and-a-half days a week!" If that's a tough work week in England, sign me up!

Hat tip to Roger R.