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Just how unpredictable was this Final Four? And will you be cheering for Brad Stevens?

Butler coach Brad Stevens

Only two of the Final Four teams were supposed to be in the Sweet 16, and none were supposed to make it to the Elite 8. But here we are, with the most upside-down Final Four I can think of. 11-seed Virginia Commonwealth; 8-seed Butler; 4-seed Kentucky; 3-seed Connecticut. It's such a shocking Final Four that we already have a winner of the Outsports pool: Randy Wampler has 234 points and no one can pass congratulations to him (he even has Kentucky winning it all).

By the way, quick aside. I was at a party tonight and the one thing guys knew about the Final Four: The Butler coach is cute. His name is Brad Stevens. Hot or not?

You gotta wonder if this is Kentucky's year, with all those stud freshman; Last time we saw this with the Fab Five in Michigan, they lost in consecutive finals. Or can Butler return to the title game and this time close it out? Are you more interested with all of these surprise teams? And whom do you think will pull it off?