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Video: Grant Hill, Jared Dudley speak out against homophobia, address the issue directly

GLSEN has released footage of their 'Think B4 You Speak' shoot with Phoenix Suns Grant Hill and Jared Dudley (video after the jump). And what a statement. While the Lakers PSA on the issue buried sexual orientation, these two NBA players talk directly about homophobia and how it affects gay people. Hill says in the PSA:

Using gay to mean dumb or stupid? Not cool. Not in my house, not anywhere. ... It's not creative, it's offensive to gay people, and you're better than that.

Dudley says in an interview at the shoot:

When it comes to homophobia in the sports world, it's come a long way. I think people are realizing you have to respect one another. ... It starts with the NBA, because a lot of people look up to the stars, these roll models, kids want to be you. And if they see how you're acting toward this, it will definitely sway a lot of people.