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Video: Toronto Raptors Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans holding hands spurs homophobia

After the Raptors' big win over the Orlando Magic on Sunday, 102-98, cameras caught Leandro Barbosa grab the hand of Reggie Evans and walk into the locker room (video after the jump). While Barbosa remained stone-face, Evans was good-natured and gave a big smile. The duo had a strong night with 18 points on 9-for-15 shooting. That didn't stop many from spewing homophobia on YouTube at the players, their team, and a Toronto fan and RealGM moderator named Little Ozzy [some language NSFW]...

4lyfesports: so not only does [head coach] jay triano have to deal with barnani and calderon but these fags has well?!?!?!?! its a miracle they even won 21 games!!! give him coach of the year!

ir0ckfartz: Wow, you guys are talking over the YouTube comments sections? How romantic...ha, faggs.

Creamybrown07: Little Ozzy is a hugeee fucking panzy who gets it up his ass by not only Barbosa and Reggie, but by the rest of the team, including Triano, the golden boy Colangelo, Even Gheradini! The Raptors Mascot actually ended up jizzing on Little Ozzys face, while Ozzy took it like the gay fuck he is. ... Disgusting

MrDarkStalker15: I think Reggie Evans is GAY. He likes tossing the salad. Remember him grabbing Chris Kaman's balls? I think Leandro Barbosa knows that Evans likes men holding his hand so he's messing with him....