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NC State responds: CJ Leslie not available for comment until after final exams

NC State assistant athletic director for media relations Annabelle V. Myers has released a statement to Outsports regarding the anti-gay tweets of basketball star CJ Leslie. She said Leslie will not be available for comment until after his final exams are over:

CJ is in exams right now and Coach Gottfried is attending ACC meetings. I will speak to CJ about this following exams and Coach Gottfried will when he returns. None of our student-athletes conduct interviews during exams. I imagine he realized that his posts were considered hurtful since I understand he took them down, but I haven't spoken to him.

While Leslie might not have time to talk to the media, he certainly has time to write on Twitter. He's made at least 15 posts in the last 24 hours, including the fact that he's hanging out with Joel Kindred, a player at nearby Saint Augustine's College. Hopefully he'll find time to explain his tweets soon.