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San Diego Padres are first pro team to sign GLSEN's Team Respect Challenge

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GLSEN'S Sports Project, which launched earlier this year, got some amazing news when their San Diego chapter announced the San Diego Padres have signed the group's Team Respect Challenge. In the pledge, created by project director Pat Griffin, the team promises to avoid slurs, remind teammates who use bullying language that it's "not ok," and treat all teammates with respect, among other items. You can read the full pledge here. GLSEN executive director Eliza Byard said:

As baseball comes back from the break, the San Diego Padres have made it clear who the real all-stars are by signing on to GLSEN's Team Respect Challenge. From the pros to the playgrounds, far too many athletes seem to think that disrespectful language and behavior are just part of the game. The Padres have sent a clear message to youth everywhere: Name-calling and harassment of any kind is not acceptable and teams perform best when every teammate is safe and respected.

I'm on the group's advisory board, and this is fantastic news. Pro sports teams are taking various angles to get a message of tolerance across to their fans -- making 'It Gets Better' videos, doing NOH8 photo shoots -- and this adds to the multitude of ways they can commit to tolerance. Good for GLSEN, and good for the Padres!