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Kansas college suspends golfers after they pose naked for team photo

The 15 members of the Bethany College Fighting Swedes golf team have been suspended for three tournaments after posing naked for a team photo (with golf clubs hiding the naughty parts). From KAKE:

The men posed with the head of their golf club covering their private parts. The picture was then posted on facebook with the title Men's Bethany Golf Team. The coach says the boys were inspired by pictures of the UCLA men's players who posed with a bucket of golf balls in front of their private parts. Those pictures were published in the magazine Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated.

Bethany is a Lutheran college and the players are appealing the suspension. The punishment is absurd and the players did nothing wrong. These shots are fairly common and ESPN The Magazine's body issue specializes in them. It was heartening to see many of the comments on the KAKE saw this properly as much ado about nothing:

  • My husband and I are related to one of these boys and when we saw the photo, before the controversy, we laughed at their antics and were glad they chose to do such a harmless and funny prank, which is why we were truly surprised at the severity of the punishment. You see more than they showed on tv and at the beach, and this was a silly and funny way to bond the team members together. We are in our 50's and 60's in age and part of the corporate and legal world, and attend church regularly and we still cannot figure out why there was an over reaction to such a prank. Well, good luck boys, you brought a smile to our faces and bonded your team together!
  • I see nothing wrong with these boys having a little fun,that was not illegal or hurt anyone. It was probably meant to bond the team together with something funny. How can you not laugh when you see it? Why was the movie "Full Monty" so popular?
  • It wasn't so bad but they all used the "putter" to cover their parts. Isn't the "putter" the smallest club?????

Here is the offending photo (hat tip to Deadspin):

Hat tip to Jim Allen for the item.