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Who's hotter in Armani underwear: David Beckham, Rafael Nadal or Cristiano Ronaldo?

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David Beckham has been the poster child for athletes willing to strip down and show off their gorgeous bodies. Most notably he's done it for Armani underwear. Now come new photos and videos of tennis great Rafael Nadal following Beckham's nothing but his Armanis. We saw a batch of them before, but the latest has left me wondering if we're looking at an elite athlete who will be stripping to his underwear for us for years to come. Add him to Cristiano Ronaldo and we have three European countries - England, Spain and Portugal - represented. Here's hoping we get an American to drop his drawers soon...

Who looks better in their Armanis: Beckham, Nadal or Ronaldo? Vote with your comment after the jump...